Archaic, Ballad and Elegy

TM Archaic Main

Archaic, Ballad and Elegy are variations of the same melody: all classic full-length gowns of gothic flair, with slight differences to accommodate different tastes. Archaic has a touch of near-stern sophistication, Ballad’s bare shoulders speak of romance and Elegy’s revealed cleavage is practically daring.

TM Ballad Main

All of them are based on garment layers with only the skirt and sleeves being rigged mesh. This makes them fit any body shape while still keeping to the convenience of the skirt following your movement. They also include Lola Tango appliers to provide class to literally all possible shapes and silhouettes.

TM Elegy Main

These dresses are sold as fatpacks only. Each fatpack includes four colours and the Lola Tangos appliers. Please try a demo before purchasing.

Permissions are M,C,NT. L295 per fatpack.

Journey to the Main Store – Marketplace: ArchaicBalladElegy


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