TM Terpsichore Gold Poster

TM Terpsichore Silver Poster

Terpsichore, the Muse of Dancing, invites you to join her. Her silks come in gold and silver versions: for day and night, for celebrating the sun or rejoicing in the pale light of the moon. Both sides of the same dancer come in several colours to fit any possible purpose and mood. Her name means delight in dancing and it is what she suggests you do as well.

The outfits are sold as fatpacks with six colours included in each. The bikini is garment layers and the skirt is unrigged mesh with sheer flexi panels. Please try a demo before purchasing.

If you wish to share how fantastic you look while wearing The Muses, please post your pictures to our Flickr Group.

Permissions are M,C,NT. L395 per fatpack.

Journey to the Main Store – Marketplace: Terpsichore GoldTerpsichore Silver

TM Terpsichore Gold Main

TM Terpsichore Silver Main


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