Alchemy, Marquis and Taliesin

Alchemy Poster

Alchemy is the robe for all the mages out there: the light linen is embroidered with sleek lines, easy to fit into any magic system. Comfortable to move in, allowing you all the freedom you need for casting elaborate spells while still looking respectable.

Marquis Poster

Marquis is the robe of choice for the townsmen, tradesmen, craftsmen: comfortable and respectable at the same time. The clasps that hold the wool together are artfully crafted to show his status and position in the society.

Taliesin Poster

Taliesin is a comfortable wool robe with a slight nod toward Celtic traditions. It fits perfectly any druid or healer, perhaps even bards of the older traditions. Warmer and stronger than the linen robe for mages it still provides the necessary freedom of movement that all spellcasters require.

The robes are rigged mesh and move with your avatar, wearing the included alpha layer is recommended. There’s five different sizes available, please try the demo first.

If you wish to share how handsome you look while wearing The Muses, please post your pictures to our Flickr Group.

Permissions are M,C,NT. L295 per colour, L1180 for the fatpack.

Journey to the Main Store | Marketplace: AlchemyMarquisTaliesin

Alchemy All Colors 512

Marquis All Colors 512

Taliesin All Colors 512


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