Fairest and Mirror, Mirror at Enchantment

The muses fairest teaser 512

Enchantment is upon us: a new event focusing on fairy tales and this round specifically to the tale of Snow White. The Muses have woven two gowns for the occasion to cater both for the fairest of princesses and for the royalty of slightly more wicked variety.

Fairest has soft princess curves with classic layered skirt construction and exquisitely detailed, luxurious sleeves. Mirror, Mirror is more mature with its exaggerated skirt to draw attention to the waist, the lavish jacket and the extra swish of attitude in the skirt. Although the personalities are clearly set, don’t be afraid to dress your princess with attitude or let your queen be more demure: it’s all in your hands!

Fairest has a special materials effect that is very hard to capture in still pictures. Please try the demo to see it! The gown is rigged mesh available in seven different sizes.  The sizes include the five standard sizes and also two additional ones: XS+ that provides more generous curves in the top part of base XS and M+ that has more muscles and extra curves than base M.

Mirror, Mirror is a gown woven together with several pieces: rigged mesh skirt in three different sizes, a flexi skirt that goes under the mesh one to create an illusion of movement, garment layer bodices, rigged mesh sleeves and unrigged mesh collar. Because of the construction style Mirror, Mirror should fit almost any shape on the grid: standard or not. Please try the demo to see how it all works together!

These gowns are event exclusive and will not be sold after the event: fill your wardrobe while you still can!

Permissions are M,C,NT. Price L395 per colour, each gown has three different colours available.

Journey to Enchantment

The muses mirror mirror teaser 512


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