Paiva poster

The Muses brought out a new Queen of Flair to Fantasy Faire: Paiva swayed into Mourningvale Thicket and brought with her a proper courtful of old favourites for both men and women as well as a full release of Bard and Dragon. We’d like to especially mention Banshee, which was discounted to 99L in a RFL vendor.

Paiva herself is the height of well-deserved pride and flair, like the peacock feathers accentuating her outfit declare. The golden sprinkling of fairy dust in the fabric matches the stitching details and brings a touch of magic to her steps. This is an outfit to preen in, to rule in, to adorn the conqueror of any scene or situation. There are moments in life when you need to flourish, to fan, possibly even to flounce: Paiva is your dress for that day.

The outfit consists of several separate pieces: the dress, the cloak, the long feathers on top of the cloak and the feather-and-jeweled shoulder clasps (left and right separately).

This is a rigged mesh outfit that moves with your avatar. The sizes include the five standard sizes and also two additional ones: XS+ that provides more generous curves in the top part of base XS and M+ that has more muscles and extra curves than base M. Please try the demo.

Permissions are M,C,NT. L395 per colour, four colours available. Fatpack L790.

Originally released at Fantasy Faire 2014 Paiva is now available in Main Store and Marketplace.

Journey to the Main Store | Purchase from the Marketplace



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