Callon Boots at Mystic Realms Faire

MRF Callon boot black
Callon boots are the perfect mix of kickass, style and attitude with just a dash of elegance. The uppers combine chain mail and leather to protect your feet in battle while still providing good mobility around the heel and ankle. The embossed cuffs look smart and dashing, but also offer some extra protection to the calves.

These are the boots for rogues and rangers, for pirates and highwaymen, for well-dressed elven guards and wandering minstrels. They can be dressed up or down to wear with many looks and as many characters. They’re also completely unisex and work for either gender.

The boots are rigged mesh and come in three sizes: S, M, L. Please try the demo.

Permissions are M,C,NT. L195 per pair of boots.

Visit Mystic Realms Faire to Purchase.

MRF Callon boot brown


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