Cobb Shirt & Pants

Poster The Muses Cobb shirt

Cobb is a young guard never fully off duty. Even when doffing the heavy plate he still keeps a basic layer of chain underneath his tunic for surprise moments that he has seen far too many. The cuffs protect and support his wrists and the shirt covering the chainmail is less for comfort and more for warmth and looks. It also serves as an extra padding when it’s time to re-equip the heavier armor pieces. The pants are a loose hose with calves already wrapped tight to make heavily plated boots easier to wear.

Both the shirt and the pants have a colour-change HUD, so essentially you are getting a whole pack of options for the price of one. The cuffs have six colours available, the shirt and pants have twelve. The chainmail underneath the shirt is garment layers with three different colour options.

The clothes are rigged mesh and move with your avatar. There’s five different sizes available, please try the demo first. The cuffs are unrigged mesh and therefore easy to resize and reposition.

Permissions are M,C,NT. Shirt L295, pants L195: shirt and pants sold separately.

Journey to the Main Store | Purchase Cobb from the Marketplace

Poster The Muses Cobb pants


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